Our Mission

OSF's very existence - why we do what we do - is described though the following mission statement:

To advance in life and help especially, but not exclusively, disadvantaged young people through the provision of sporting, recreational, and leisure time activities. These activities will be provided in the interest of social welfare to increase the capacities and capabilities of young people so that they can positively participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is the all-round development of the latent potential of young people mainly, but not only, through sporting activities. We see sport as an innovative and positive vehicle that will develop life skills to full potential. OSF will provide young people of the North West, with long-term real opportunities that will reduce unemployment, advance their education, increase their health and well being, and most importantly change their lives.

Our Values

Our unbreakable core relationship is directly with the young people we serve (our clients). It is critical to the success of the work that we do to be able to build up a mutual trust that will enable our young clients to enter into the OSF family with confidence. Our key values are as follows:

Key Values

  • The OSF team, who are directly involved with young people and children, will be thoroughly and continually vetted via the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).
  • We will continue to be totally open, responsive, and transparent in our relationships with clients, partners, the Charity Commission, and staff.
  • Client confidentiality will be an extremely high factor that cannot be breached unless there is a serious risk to the client or to others.
  • Flexibility, responsiveness, and innovation will be a feature and benefit of our work.
  • Our sports coaches will regularly consult with sponsors and clients in an endeavour to reach a common understanding and ensure we provide exactly what is needed.
  • The skill of listening and communicating effectively is a value we intend to continually revisit.
  • We will always accept full responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  • All funds received will be recycled back into OSF because of our non-profit making status.

The PE and Sport Strategy for Young People

OSF are fully supportive of the government's Every Child Matters: Change for Children strategy which aims to ensure that every child, whatever their background or circumstances, has support to:

  • be healthy
  • stay safe
  • enjoy and achieve
  • make a positive contribution
  • achieve economic well-being

Participation in sport and sporting activities has been identified as having a unique role in supporting improved outcomes for children and young people. Sport plays a very positive role in the lives of children and young people, supporting them to stay healthy and develop important social and life skills.

The PE and Sport Strategy for Young People aims to offer children and young people in England at least five hours of high quality PE and Sport every week.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence

We believe that sport can be instrumental in helping steer young people away from the lure of crime, violence, and towards a more constructive way to fulfill their true potential.

Our view is substantiated by many research projects but non more significant than the report Breaking the Cycle of Violence commissioned by the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

This report provides clear and undeniable evidence of the social benefits of sport to young disadvantaged people. The great Olympic Champion Edwin Moses, Chairman of Laureus said:

The report provides compelling arguments that sport and physical activity has been proven to have a beneficial impact on people's lives. The huge number of people interviewed from disadvantaged areas confirmed this overwhelmingly.